Each Wavestation frequency package targets a specific wellness issue or personal goal with a full suite of frequencies. The General Wellness program addresses poor sleep patterns, adrenal fatigue, anxiety, fatigue and weak immunity. Get started on the path to better health and improved performance. Our General Wellness Program prepares you to benefit from a wide range of frequency packages designed to address specific issues and goals; from overcoming fatigue to losing weight. Become a Wavestation member and begin your journey to lifetime wellness.

Once you become a Wavestation member, your journey to wellness and enhanced personal performance begins with the General Wellness Program.

This four-phase program prepares you for entry into a comprehensive Wavestation library of specific wellness-focused frequency packages. The first phase works while you sleep to increase rest, lessen anxiety, and help to overcome weakened adrenal and immune systems. All phases focus on restoring proper cell communication and enhancing immunity.

Wearable Wavestation technology optimizes a natural mind and body bent toward health and well-being.

Get started. Unleash the Wellness Within.